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Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult

Yaşam Medikal > Blood Pressure Cuff > Adult > Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff – Adult


  • Single Patient Use
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Strict and Perfect Harmony
  • Doesn’t Sweat and Wound
  • Not Deformed
  • Water and Sweat Proof
  • Does Not Change Color, Has CE Certificate
  • Velcro Tapes Are Sewed
  • Single and Double Tube Options are Available
  • There Are Connectors Suitable For Hospital Monitors In Each Cuff Package

Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult No:8

Range24x32 cm
Height and Width46,3 cm / 13,4 cm
Barcode No Single8699108358100
Barcode No Double8699108358209

Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult No:9

Range25x35 cm
Height and Width51,5 cm / 14,5 cm
Barcode No Single 8699108359107
Barcode No Double8699108359206

Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult XLARGE No:10

Range45x55 cm
Height and Width63 cm / 16,50 cm
Barcode No Single8699108351019
Barcode No Double8699108351217