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Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant


  • Single Patient Use
  • Made of Vinyl Material
  • Strict and Perfect Harmony
  • Not Deformed
  • Water and Sweat Proof
  • Single and Double Tube Options are Available
  • There is a connector suitable for hospital monitors on each sleeve

Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant No:5

Range12x18 cm
Height and Width23,5 cm / 7 cm
Barcode No Single8699108355109
Barcode No Double8699108355208

Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant No:4

Range9x14 cm
Height and Width19,5 cm / 5,5 cm
Barcode No Single8699108354102
Barcode No Double8699108354201

Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant No:3

Range8x12 cm
Height and Width18 cm / 4,5 cm
Barcode No Single8699108353105
Barcode No Double8699108353204

Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant No:2

Range6x9,5 cm
Height and Width16 cm / 3,5 cm
Barcode No Single8699108352108
Barcode No Double8699108352207

Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant No:1

Height and Width12 cm / 2,5 cm
Range3x6 cm
Barcode No Single8699108351101
Barcode No Double8699108351200